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Cooking with Grandma

Cooking over the holidays is best when it's done with family, especially young family. Here, Martha Jubrey shows her grandson Desmond how to make her candied yams dish for Kwanzaa.

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  • 05:58
    Making Banitsa (Spinach Pie) with Baba Luba

    In this episode of Cooking with Grandma, we meet Luba Stoyanoff, also known as Baba. Together with her eldest grandchild, Katherine, Baba prepares banitsa, the Bulgarian version of the Greek spinach p more »

    • Aired: 09/06/2012
    • Views: 164
    • By: Chow
  • 06:07
    Cooking with Grandma Irma

    Watch as Irma Zigas cooks with her grandson Caleb, preparing her own take on Passover brisket. Caleb and Irma aren’t kosher, and neither is this recipe, but it’s the one Irma’s been making since her a more »

    • Aired: 04/14/2009
    • Views: 469
    • By: Chow
  • 07:24
    Cooking with Grandma Paola

    Paola Bagnatori knows Italian food. With the help of her granddaughter, Isabella, they make her signature dish, potato gnocchi with tomato-porcini sauce.

    • Aired: 03/12/2010
    • Views: 352
    • By: Chow
  • 06:12
    Cooking with Grandma Kathy

    This is a special episode of Cooking with Grandma, featuring four generations—Kay, Kathy, Astrid, and Kaatje—who pick blackberries and make jam together.

    • Aired: 12/08/2010
    • Views: 665
    • By: Chow
  • 05:29
    Chinese New Year with Grandma Ruby

    Grandma Ruby Tom and her grandkids Katherine, Marat, and Sean ring in the Year of the Rabbit; Chinese New Year celebrations start on February 3. Ruby prepares jai, a healthy Buddhist vegetarian stew t more »

    • Aired: 01/28/2011
    • Views: 927
    • By: Chow
  • 06:21
    Cooking with Grandma Alvina

    Welcome to the first installment of CHOW’s new video series, Cooking with Grandma, a nostalgic trip down memory lane that records a special family recipe. Here Alvina Mangrai shows her granddaughter A more »

    • Aired: 04/14/2009
    • Views: 386
    • By: Chow

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