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Health News (CBS)

CBS News breaks important developments and trends in health and diet. Catch up-to-the-minute information on obesity, allergies, pregnancy, and other wellness issues. Host Meg Oliver and other reporters also investigate alternative medicine, environmental illnesses, and the effectiveness of trendy diets.

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  • 01:21
    To prevent child's nut allergy, eat nuts while pregnant: Study

    Study of 8,000 kids finds moms diet during pregnancy could offer food allergy protection. Marlie Hall reports.

    • Aired: 12/23/2013
    • Views: 691
    • By: CBS
  • 01:15
    Acupuncture may bring relief to cancer patients

    A promising new tool for predicting heart attack, plus, how acupuncture may be helpful for cancer patients. Wendy Gillette has a look at the day’s top health stories.

    • Aired: 12/23/2013
    • Views: 525
    • By: CBS
  • 01:07
    Concussions linked to Alzheimer's disease plaques

    Daily health headlines: Concussions may trigger another neurological disease, new research looks at the best way to treat tongue cancer, plus more top stories

    • Aired: 12/27/2013
    • Views: 554
    • By: CBS
  • 01:19
    Scientists uncover rheumatoid arthritis genes

    Daily health headlines: Genetic clues may predict risk for painful arthritis, a common antibiotic may bring dry eye relief to millions of Americans, plus more top stories.

    • Aired: 12/26/2013
    • Views: 461
    • By: CBS
  • 01:25
    Docs should talk more about sex with teens: Study

    Daily health headlines: Doctors are missing out on an important chance to discuss sex, new study shows minority physicians care for most underserved patients, plus more of today's top stories.

    • Aired: 12/31/2013
    • Views: 929
    • By: CBS
  • 01:25
    Lowering your cholesterol could help ward off Alzheimer's

    Keeping your cholesterol in check has always been considered good for your heart. Now, new research finds it could also be good for your brain. CBS News' Teresa Garcia reports.

    • Aired: 12/31/2013
    • Views: 243
    • By: CBS
  • 01:16
    Shingles linked to stroke risk

    Researchers say having shingles increases the chance of stroke, an ancient Chinese medicine may help chronic pain, and more health news.

    • Aired: 01/03/2014
    • Views: 494
    • By: CBS
  • 01:09
    Sun causes skin damage quicker than once thought?

    Daily health headlines: Researchers are shining a light on the sun's effects on skin damage, a tuberculosis vaccine may fight MS. Vinita Nair has some of today's top health stories.

    • Aired: 12/05/2013
    • Views: 823
    • By: CBS
  • 01:12
    Substance abuse a problem for mentally ill

    Daily health headlines: The dangers of distracted driving examined, new research on substance abuse among the mentally ill, plus more of today's top medical stories.

    • Aired: 01/02/2014
    • Views: 585
    • By: CBS
  • 01:27
    The biggest exercise trends for 2014

    The dance workout known as Zumba may not be what gets people up and moving in the new year. It’s fallen off the American College of Sports Medicine’s fitness trend survey. Marlie Hall takes a look at ... more »

    • Aired: 01/01/2014
    • Views: 848
    • By: CBS

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