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An official group for the guys of veoh, invite your male friends and feel free to discuss anything. A place where guys can be guys and start useless chats or just be silly. Feel free to add ANY kind of videos you like, Dont forget to join in any discussions posted.

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added: 11 yrs ago
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yeah, tell us bout the funniest moment of your life......make sure its funny though.

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added: 11 yrs ago


This way back in tha days, it didn't happen 2 me, it happened 2 my boy. Me n a couple of friend, where out side smokin a lil somethin somethin. We see some fool walkin his dogs, n 1 of them takes a shit, like a big shit, a lil ways away from us. Rob starts 2 laugh a lil. So we ask him wats so funny. He pulls out n M-80 out his pocket, he said, "Watch me blow up that shit all over tha cars" So we start laughin n tell him 2 do it then. He goes n we back up some more. So he gets on a knee n lighs it. I guess tha fuse was 2 short cuz it blows all over his face n he falls back on his ass. Now he's high, lil confused cuz of tha blast, n covered in shit. He had shit in his mouth n up his nose. The rest of us r just laughin 2 death. He turn 2 us n tell us, "Stop laughin n give me a tuallita" Dame una tuallita" (give me a towell) Now thats some funny shit, n if u don't think so, then I guess u had 2 b there.

added: 11 yrs ago


lmao man thats funny i would like dam nigga u look like shit lol

added: 11 yrs ago


@W.B713-damn.......I woulda cried laughin.....jus damn Lol heres mine, not that funny but still gave a good laugh: 1 day me nd my sista were ridin the bus, headed to this gurl house...for that gud gud haha. While we were on tha bus we saw another one of our friends, so we chilled wit him till these two bigass obeese (spellin) ladies got on. One sits in the single seats but heres the crazy part, the other sits on her lap...omg less than a minute the chair fuccin breaks nd they both fall flat on they ass lookin like beached whales, fell so hard the bus swerved nd almost crashed into a pole, nd it took 4 bigass guys jus to help them up, nd after that they got kicked off the bus....which made it even funnier...yoo erbody on the bus was dyin....shit was hillarious

added: 11 yrs ago


Well 1 day we were making a test and guess what we had the most strict teacher in d whole school. The test was allmost over so 1 of my friend ask d other if he can see his new mobilephone(we were not allowwed to talk yet) so he goes to the internet looks for some porn (VOLUME MAX). HE says heres your phone and right before he gives it to him he play the PORN. Everybody could hear it AHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHH XD So the guy with the phone was kicked out got a 1 which is probaly like a F in America and he had to help the janitors for 5 hours. The was so awesome BTW the guy who looked for the porn NEVER GOT INTO TROUBLE XD

added: 11 yrs ago

MakubexT manager

Funniest moment would be surfing last month. A friend of mine (shawn) was always afraid of surfing but we finally got him to try. So ofcourse he fell many times, after a while we stopped laughing and started to help him out, until my other friend (alex) challenged him to a small contest.....shawn accepted because his girlfriend was there wanting to be cool. Unfortunetely a large wave came, alex rode it just fine like a pro but shawn wiped out quickly....we lost him until 10 mins later we found him face first on the shore with no shorts completely naked....That alone was funny but the fact that his girlfriend they hadnt slept together yet so she finally saw his body fully and told him infront of everyone his d*** was too small. LMAO

added: 11 yrs ago


Alright so me, my bro and a friend were playing some baseball outside around a apartment complex when it was winter last year around 1 in the morning. So I pitch it to him and he hits the ball right a a second floor Window, about 10 secondes after, a fat white guy around his 40's yells "WHAT the hell?" looks out the window and see us standing there below. All we hear now Is him Running down the stairs at us. So we start running, We hear the bottom floor burst open and there he is running at us with his boxers and a little robe telling us to stop, but she he seemed pissed cause he must have been sleeping idk but, he starts running at us and doesn't notice a patch of ice as hes going down the slope of a little hill, He slips Falls on his back and starts sliding down about 4 feet befor he gets up, once he does hes all covered in cold water and snow and shit. My friend did have to pay about $200 for the window repair though.

added: 11 yrs ago


ok this didnt happen 2 me but i was at a classmates house making a vid 4 a class. some1 locked me and my friend out ef the backyard. so he starts trying to climb over the gate on the concrete side. i come and try2 lift him but i slip and some how push him into the wall and he gets nailed in the balls after that the both of us were on the floor dying (he was dying of pain and i was dying of laughter) my classmates came 2 see wat happened since allthey could hear (the camera was with them) was a cracking sound me starting 2 laugh and my friend yelling OOOOOOO MY BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and if u dun think at wes funny then i ges u had 2 be there

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