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added: 10 yrs ago
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2/10 Good action scenes but absolutely NO story! Seriously, no story lol. Its so crazy the movie starts with a girl killing some random guy and from there she goes off to school and kills monster like creatures. Also there are random conversations in Japanese but no subs at all! You can understand the basics but still, no subs?

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added: 10 yrs ago


That just makes no sense. The only cool thing is the action but even that is a bit lacking. And also if you didnt know Blood+ is a spin off of Blood the last Vampire. But the Saya in BtlV is so different from the Saya we know and love from Blood+. Skip Blood the last Vampire and just watch Blood+.

added: 10 yrs ago


3/10 This anime didn't click with me ether, not only is the graphics too realistic for my taste the plot looks heartbreakingly stale (Hellsing like stale dude). I had no idea it was in relation to blood+ which i enjoyed much more

added: 10 yrs ago


7/10) I actually found this OVA pretty fun and enjoyable, the action scenes and visuals where pure win, and considering this was only 40 minutes, they managed to make it suspenseful till the end, while the story might have been pretty weak like Yuki and Meomix stated above, I found it to be the only drawback, I'd definitely recommend this to people out there who are bored of the happy go vampires shows like in Karin and Rosario+ Vampire, and are looking for a grittier and more realistic vampire show.

added: 10 yrs ago

ShishioKagezuchi manager

5/10 * Don't go into this expecting Vampire Hunter D, which is 10s all over, this is like a pilot to an awesome anime that was never made, but which could have expanded on everyone's story and action. Pretty much everything said is true making it decent. Worth seeing once but a little unsatisfying. Amazing visuals. If it was longer and expanded on stuff more with added action you'd have another classic like D. We do need more violent vampires like this but with the story and romance like VK or Blood+.

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