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Only 1 Wish Left

Only 1 Wish Left, is for people who like to wish upon a star. I would like it to have lots people in it. Please tell your friends about this group. Also please put any kind of vids on. Also I'm looking for some animes to watch (ran out) so if you know any good ones please let me know.

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added: 12 yrs ago
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BlackAngel-27 manager

Every year over a thousand people die from starvation. I thought when I started shcool every one was treated equal. But I was wrong. People still are hungry. People still in streets. Familys that are strugling to kept in check and give their childern a good life. Why do I talk about this when I have been brought up in a good home? Simple, I want to help change the world. I may not be able to say it in front of my friends in school but, Be The Change! That is our schools slogen for the years of 2008 and 2009. Last year our slogen was from the moive High School Musical, We Are All In This Together. I would like to help shape the fruture! Will "YOU" Help Me? Rachel

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added: 12 yrs ago

BlackAngel-27 manager

I would like to spread the peace. The world may look like the perfect place to live but it is not. It is a harsh place. People are over spending money that they could give to people that need help. If only one person faced off with a army, the army would when right away, but when we unit as one we have the courge and strength to win. "Alone we can do little to nothing, but together we can do everything." Help spred this so my message can reach the ends of the earth (even tough it is round). If we can spred this message and get thier atention i'm sure, no positive we will all make a big difference! SO Will "YOU" Be One Of The Many That Will Help Or Will You Be An Enemy Of The World? One Won't cahnge the world but hunders will! ~Rachel~

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