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added: 11 yrs ago
updated: 11 yrs ago


now that i remember, didnt lulu have both eyes with geass? i mean. ofcourse we all noticed that but i mean, what couldve the other eye be? cuz he had already entered the state where he couldnt turn off his geass anymore, but he made his other eye into a geass as well right after he was out of that wacked out world. wonder if he had 2 geass at the same time. like the other one couldve been like a geass wich lets u transfer ur soul to another person, just like his mom's geass. idk im just saying and wanted to point that out. been bothering me for a while now XP

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added: 11 yrs ago


It was just his Geass getting stronger/out of control. He just ended up the same way as Mao, being unable to turn off his Geass. Thats how he was ably to use his Geass on the souls in the world of C. It wasnt working with only one eye, then it got stronger by using the other eye. So that means that his Geass was the same. Or else it wouldnt have worked on the Sword of Akasha. But it would have been cool as hell if he did have 2 different Geass. We can only imagine XD.

added: 11 yrs ago

darkhellspartan still not sure. i wonder though....

added: 11 yrs ago


I don't think the geass in his other eye was a completely different geass. I think that his geass power only got stronger when it activated in his other eye just like XxAnime4everxX said! I also think that with that extra power boost his geass got he also gained the ability to turn his geass on or off at will... I seriously doubt he was using two contacts since he would pass his hand over his eyes way too fast when he used his geass.

added: 11 yrs ago


uh....if i remember correctly, he DID still USE contacts when he had both eyes geassed and yes he did pass his hands/fingers over his eyes to take em off. also, ye ye i get u guyses point.....but still. XP

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