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You can talk about anime or games. You can recommend any game or anime that you liked. You can discuss games that haven't come out yet or titles in a franchise that haven't been anounced. You can talk about what you would like to happen if a certain anime had another season.

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added: 12 yrs ago
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Why is it that Japan gets all the cool games first? That have namco x capcom superstar showndown {which had different anime series characters fighting each other, and Kingdom Hearts Final mix. I know there the one who bring the games to the Us but come on? It unfair they get their own version of a game with more features than ours. One thing they won't have before us is Sonic Unleashed! Ha

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added: 12 yrs ago
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Anyone here into mmorpg's? I'm sure there are from this lot. Well, just wanted to say that you should try and be more adventurous and do something new with them, like a parody especially with all the things you could do with your character. Thats exactly what I've done. You should check out and look at the ultimate mmorpg dance. Thats my video and you could join in on the fun or you could just vote for my video or any other that you like.

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added: 12 yrs ago
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Does anyone of you guys know a good online store where I can find anime stuff, ya know, like cd's, box sets that kind of stuff?

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added: 12 yrs ago
updated: 11 yrs ago

OmegaDragoon92 manager

supposedly theirs a 2hour demo of Fnal Fantasy XIII in the Blu-ray Boxset of FF:Advent Children. So what do u think about it?

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added: 12 yrs ago
updated: 12 yrs ago

OmegaDragoon92 manager

You can post videos of your Favorite game or anime, I meant to put that in the Desription but I ran out of room.

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added: 12 yrs ago
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devil may cry, was a video game and a anime show what games can do that?

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