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added: 14 yrs ago
updated: 3 mons ago


what is this something that makes a character of an anime to be your favourite? what personality and appearance elements attract you the most?

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added: 14 yrs ago


rudeness.. jk xD i like anime characters which arent perfect or without feelings x3 and which are a bit clumsy.. just like Niwa-kun <3 does that answer ur question? :o

added: 14 yrs ago


Well for me the anime character has gotta have an adventurous and dangerous side to him but at the same time gotta be kind and caring to the things and people precious to him. Also he has to be very hot preferbably with medium-long hair, eyes that you caan get lost in and a fantastic smile. But mostly his personality is what makes me love the character and espically how you can notice how in love he is with the other character and is willing to do anything for them^^

added: 14 yrs ago


If they don't start crying EVERY FIVE SECONDS then I like them C: And if they have some skills in some area and aren't completly imcompetent.

added: 14 yrs ago


for me it would be reaaally lots of stuff but i would point one: it just makes me sick that in most animes i've seen (believe me they are not manyXD) the main male character is way too simple contradicting the female one. I would really like extraordinary ones with strange hair and eyes and a very dark and mysterious personality. A personality you can't figure out easily or categorise. And mostly not skinny. They all are so skinny!!they would be much better if they were taller and bigger generally, like bears, dragons or wolves...sigh i don't know if you understand what i some animes also (like shugo chara) they are so silly beautifull that they look like little boys..way too girly stuff to be a guy i'd say.(see for example prince tadasse) no offence i just state my opinion:)!

added: 14 yrs ago


i have to agree that tadasse does look i bit girly in Platnium Royal, but i like anime that have intresting personalitys... like in shugo chara i like Utau, Ikuto, and Kukai the best ( sorry if i spelled those wrong ) because they are all different.Tadasse is just a bit... how should i put this nicely... too sweet? he is sorta a kiss up to people... always doing the right thing and stuff. On the other hand were Ikuto and Utau are bad a good at the same time and keep you guessing.

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