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Damon or Stefan?

Hey! Well this was just an idea that came and hit me square in the face. Which it's an agument that's gone on since the show first aired. Who's better? Stefan Salvatore or Damon Salvatore? This is your time to shine. Post your comments stating who you think is better and why. Feel free to also post videos to support your decision. And, since Veoh is pretty widespread across the world, whoever gets the most votes is officially the best. In case you don't know about all of this, The Vampire Diaries is on every Thursday at 8:oo PM on the CW. I hope everyone gets a chance to see these guys in action and gets a chance to vote. I can't yet tell you guys my opinion. I think that would cause people to change their opinion. I will notify every person who participated who won in the end. There is no deadline at this moment. Why? Because I'm not sure if this idea is going to work the I want it to and spread rapidly. I will post a deadline when I feel the time is right Well, no one seems to be catching on to the whole vvoting thing. Please,SPREAD THE WORD!!!!! Who do you like best, Damon:sexy,hot, evil, but yet, Elena's best friend once, but now... there is tension between them.. Or Stefan: cute, nice, and Elena's boyfriend. but right now theyre not together because of Kathrine... Which brother do YOU choose?

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