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  • The Last Sunday
    The Last Sunday

    Saya and the others briefly return to Okinawa. They try to take advantage of a day of rest. Saya, ...

  • Infected

    Ellis and Barker race against the clock in an effort to save an eight-year-old boy who’s been infected with a myster...

  • The Whistler
    The Whistler

    With Richard’s encouragement, Yolanda’s management, and the backing of competitor SuperValueMart, Lesl...

  • Illegal Alien
    Illegal Alien

    When Ingrid’s participation a patriotic promotional calendar exposes the fact that she is an illegal alien, Amy se...

  • To Heir is Human
    To Heir is Human

    The anniversary of his father's death sends Leslie looking for an heir to whom he can leave the store.

  • Kyoto Carved Memories
    Kyoto Carved Memories

    As Kenshin is nursing the wounds sustained in his fight with Shishio, Kaoru prepares the Peace Force for the...

  • Mastering the Secret Between Life and Death!
    Mastering the Secret Between Life and De...

    As Kenshin struggles to learn, Sijuro teaches him the most secret of his fighting techniques. And th...

  • Who Gets the Victory? Shishio vs. Kenshin
    Who Gets the Victory? Shishio vs. Kenshi...

    Kenshin’s final effort to win the ultimate battle ends with Shishio destroying himself. But in the wake of S...

  • The Three Sanadas
    The Three Sanadas

    After surviving a fall into a volcano, the Peace Force comes across an injured Sanada Ninja who offers to help...

  • Marimo, The Human Cannon
    Marimo, The Human Cannon

    Samurai X protects a circus ringmaster and his talented human cannonball daughter from the threats of a jealous comp...

  • Kenshin vs. Sanosuke: Once Again!
    Kenshin vs. Sanosuke: Once Again!

    Following a lavish party at the dojo, Sanosuke can no longer resist joining his old army troop’s plot to punis...

  • Spider-Man Dis-Abled
    Spider-Man Dis-Abled

    PETER PARKER (Neil Patrick Harris) videotapes SILVER SABLE (Virginia Madsen) attacking t...

  • The Prep Day
    The Prep Day

    Agreeing to retrieve the box for Mr. B; Bannen, Madison and Zeke prep the “Box job.”

    • Added: 12 years ago
    • Category: Entertainment
    • Network: Crackle
  • House of the Fortune-Tellers
    House of the Fortune-Tellers

    An eerie fortune-teller monster steals the source of happiness from women, gaining her power from the misfortune of hu...

  • Dreamworld

    A spider creature and a Succubus love to devour humans and are seeking to add Bem, Baro, and Berra to thei...

  • Lionel's Problem
    Lionel's Problem

    It's Lionel's graduation day and he is "flying high." Louise, Jenny, and Mother Jefferson frantically try ...

  • Fight! Fukamichi Ranking
    Fight! Fukamichi Ranking

    A mysterious man calling himself Fukamichi suddenly appears in front of Tsukio and Reiichi asking them...

  • Rukawa vs. Akagi - Battle Between the Real Deals
    Rukawa vs. Akagi - Battle Between the Re...

    Hanamichi absorbs the lessons and continues to become a respectable member of the basketball team. Kogure ...

  • Digigate Opens
    Digigate Opens

    Miyako gets to visit the DigiWorld with her friends Koushiro and Sora. They are confronted with a battle...

  • The TV Commercial
    The TV Commercial

    A new "health tonic" could help the Evans family cure what's ailing them -- poverty, for Florida is stopped in...


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